Four Daughters Wine

Modern wine. Modern feel. Ancient idea.


Brianna (AVAILABLE!)
Brianna’s intense tropical fruit flavor provides hints of pineapple and pear. This refreshing wine pairs well with picnics, lunches, and other occasions to drink midday.

frontenacGrisFront_sm Frontenac Gris (AVAILABLE!)
Frontenac Gris presents aromas of peach and apricot with hints of enticing citrus and tropical fruit. A brilliant balance of fruit and acidity creates this lively, elegant wine.
edelweissFront_sm Edelweiss (SOLD OUT)
This smooth and sweet wine has subtle flavors and a rich feel, making it a perfect complement to many foods, except lutefisk. Nothing complements lutefisk.
frontenacRoseFront_sm Frontenac Rose‘ (AVAILABLE!   Quantities becoming limited)
Because of the Frontenac grape’s beautiful ruby color and darkly pigmented skin, this rosefeatures a deeper color than traditional roses.


La Crescent (AVAILABLE!)
La Crescent’s intense nose of apricot, peach, and citrus lends itself well to this sweet wine. Produced in a Germanic style, this wine is reminiscent of a Riesling. Lederhosen sold separately.

Minnesota Governor's Cup Winner!

International Cold Climate Competition: "Best of Show" award for Top White Wine

Mid-America Wine Competition: Named "Best Off-Dry White"


Marquette (AVAILABLE!)
Marquette is a complex wine, with an attractive ruby color, pronounced tannins, and desirable notes of cherry, berry, black pepper, and spice on both nose and palate. This variety represents a new standard in Minnesota wines.

Finger Lakes International Wine Competition: Gold Medal Winner and highest awarded Marquette in competition. The only Gold Medal winner in Minnesota!

sparklingMoscato sm

Moscato is known for it's surprising fragrance, light-body, semi-sparkling, spritzy character. From pear and apple, to orange and lime with consistent appearances in the ripe, juicy peach and apricot category, Moscato's flavors are extraordinarly fruit-filled.

Indy International Wine Competition: Prestigious Double Gold Winner!

specialReserveBlend sm

Special Reserve Blend (AVAILABLE!)
A smooth and velvety dessert wine with richness and depth.  Very limited quantities available.

marechalFoch sm Marechal Foch Rose (SOLD OUT)
An elegant, aromatic rose with off-dry sweetness, a hint of tannin, and nose candied fruit or jolly ranchers.
sparkingPinot sm

Sparkling Pinot Noir (AVAILABLE!)
A full and grapey wine with big flavors and a hint of sparkle. 

americanReisling sm

Riesling (SOLD OUT)
Subtle, smooth, refresing, and off-dry with a bit of a minerality on the finish.


Nude Etude (SOLD OUT)
Made with only Frontenac Gris, this wine has a unique flavor profile that is similar to a pina colada.

bigBoyBlend sm

Big Boy Blend (AVAILABLE!)
A rich and hearty red wine with depth and complexity. A blend of Zinfandel, Cabernet and Syrah, this wine derives its high alcohol content from the Zinfandel, which measured 21% alcohol. This wine will age extremely well, and the heat from the high alcohol will mellow significantly through the years.


Sparkling Frontenac Gris (SOLD OUT)
This bright, fruity Frontenac Gris is naturally sparkled in our Charmat tank. Using classic techniques from the Champagne region, we handcraft this unique sparkling wine.

Indy International Wine Competition: Gold Medal Winner


 GSM is a popular blend of the grapes Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvedre.  Our GSM is very fruity and smooth, with an oak  backbone.